Sunday, December 19, 2010

Everytime it gets a little longer...

In between posts, that is.  I keep thinking, I need to post, I need to post.  In fact, before December came along I had this bright idea that I was going to do an entire month's worth of pics - remembering 2010.  Well, December 1st came and went and now I think I'm going to do it for 2011.  Really?  Yeah, probably not, but atleast I can try to do better.  I just don't know what to blog about anymore.  I get so far behind I never know where to "pick-up" and start again.  I loved it when I could do "Fun Bits" every week.  I don't have much time to scrapbook anymore so that is my way of keeping track of everything.  Obviously, that's gone by the wayside for about a year now. 

2011, let's try to do better, let's try to do better, let's try to do better.  Maybe if I say it 21 times, it will happen, right?  21 times forms a habit, ha, I think that's what they say. ;)

Let's step into today, December 19th.  I went shopping today to try and finish my Christmas stuff.  I really didn't enjoy myself - I went over to Easton (pedestrian mall) and I could barely find a parking place.  It was busy, busy and I don't like shopping when it's busy, busy.  It probably doesn't help that I'm behind in my shopping and feel rushed. Aaahhhh!

I am excited for the girls for Christmas.  They're at a great age and we're having fun with the elves this year.  Here's a pic of the elves getting into trouble in the bathroom...

Ruh-roh.  One of these years I'll do a December Daily.  That would be fun to look back and see everything we attempt to do in December!

Another tradition started - the Jillibean Soup Christmas party.  This was the first year that we got everyone together for an oh-so-yummy dinner and an Elephant gift exhange.

It's kind of funny because Tim (my printer sales guy) and Ryan (Missey's hubby) were doing business (separate from Jillibean) during the middle of the picture.  Shame on them!  You can't see everyone, but they're there!  We had a great time, spouses and all! 

Ok, gotta get back to the presents and wrapping, cardmaking and printing off my Christmas card labels.

Until next time...hopefully sooner, than later. ;)