Sunday, October 17, 2010

Greetings from New York City!!!

Greetings from Laguardia airport anyhow...we're on our way out now.  What a great weekend!  This is my 2nd trip to NYC, however the first time I was in 7th grade!  I traveled with my church youth group - we did some work in Yonkers/Bronx and went downtown for a day.  Needless to say, I don't remember too much.

This time hubby and I decided to do a long weekend away to celebrate our 10 yr anniversary (which was back in August).  We've tried to see as much as we could while here.  3 days is not long enough for this busy city!  And the people....holy many people!  We stayed close to Times Square so we saw it at several different times during the day.  No matter what time, there's always a ton of people down there!  I can't even imagine what it's like at the New Year's Eve celebration. 

I've taken lots of pics, of course, here's a couple to share right now....

Rockefeller Center flags.  We were going to attempt to go down to the Today show on Saturday but didn't realize that it only runs from 7:00-8:30.  We were watching it on TV and realized we were too late.

Crazy Times Square at night.  BTW...didn't need my flash for this pic.

The view from Top of the Rock (same as 1st photo) of the 30 Rockefeller Center  looking at Central Park. 

That's all I have time for now...catching our flight to PA to get the girls.

Have a great week!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Ahhh, back to reality...

Really, I want to be back in Holland! 

No this isn't from the Netherlands.  It's taking me a long time to get acclimated to the time again.  I've fallen asleep at 8:00pm every night since returning.  I've been so tired - I think the last 2 weeks is catching up with me.  Anyhow, I started cooking again and made these yummy pulled pork sandwiches for dinner last night.  I'll have to share the recipe later.

I've been going through my pics and will have to do a week's full of sharing.  Some are too dark so I'll have to put some work into them before sharing.  Here's one that makes me giggle...

I had my fair share of Coke light (or Pepsi light) in the Netherlands.  Truike made fun of how much pop the Americans drink.  They, on the other hand, have coffee/espresso machines all over the place over there so you can always get your fix. ;)  Ice is a funny thing though - every time I asked for it, they looked at me funny.  Then, I usually ended up with only 3 small ice cubes.  Europeans like their drinks warm.  According to Kimber, they like their coffee HOT! 

More to come later. ;)


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Doorn, Netherlands...

Greetings!!!!  I'm too exhausted to download my photos, but wanted to let you know that Kimber made it.  She ended up being re-routed through Chicago and flying to Amsterdam from there.  I was VERY happy to see her.  I boarded my plane still not knowing if she was coming or not. 

It's been great here!  Like I said, I'm exhausted.  Jet lag combined with 4 classes, a make n' take session and helping Kimber with her 2 classes has kept me oh so busy, but the people are soooo nice and this part of the Netherlands actually reminds me of the states.  It's very green with lots of trees, little shops downtown, funny-friendly people, good food and a scrapbooking store ;) 

I'm finished with my classes so we are headed to an older part of Holland tomorrow.  A place where they still wear wooden shoes.  Lots of pics, I'm sure. 

Thanks for your travel prayers.