Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sign on Leah's Door...

I swear this girl is already 15.  The other day she totally back-talked to me and when I told her that was not ok, she went upstairs and slammed her door.  Right now I'm lucky I can threaten her with groundings from playing outside.  Grrr.  Anyhow, this was a sign she hung on her door a couple of weeks ago.  In case you can't read it, it says...

Parents are aloud (allowed) for free
Kid paper passes for 1 day - 6 and up are $2
If you never want to buy a $2 one, 1 year is $20 and forever living is $50
Thank you Leah

Atleast she's got a good sense of humor. 

Have a bad day - NOT!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Makes Me Giggle...

The other day I looked in the backyard where the girls were playing with the neighbor girls and I saw this hand sticking out of a box.  I started laughing out loud - what a funny sight to see in my backyard!  I don't know where they got the box, what Emma was doing in the box or what they were playing but it made me giggle.  You can see Brooke is intrigued too ...and yes, she's in here jammies (went back outside after getting ready for bed).  I think I should do a page about this - may have to do some research and find out what was the story behind "Emma in the box". ;)

Have a grrrreaaat day!


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Coach Cards...

I had to quickly pull together a couple of cards for our soccer coaches.  Here's what I came up with with Monster Stew...

Enjoy the rest of your day! 


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hmmm, Fun Bits, Where have they been?

Busy with dance recitals, new product development, Brownie parties, hiring new employees, soccer games, soccer assessments for travel soccer next year, setting up the consumer site, starting to exercise again, getting ready for a garage sale, and the list goes on and on....

Anyhow, how about some Fun Bits for the last month?

*Eric caught Brooke hiding behind the chair yesterday eating chocolate. 
*Speaking of Brooke/chocolate - about a week ago, Brooke tried to sneak chocolate out the door after I told her she could not have it!
*Kami enjoyed her boyfriend's birthday party. ;)  Deacon's Mom called to invite Kami to the Chuck E Cheese party.  During the conversation she proceeded to tell me that Kami kissed Deacon at school ...twice!!  I was a bit shocked.  Kami's already initiating!!!  Kami and I had to have a talk about inappropriate behavior at preschool. ;)  Here's Deacon...

*I'm not going to see the girls much this summer - they LOVE playing outside!
*Speaking of outside - Brooke (reminder here-she's almost 4) keeps butting heads with the new neighbor girl (who's almost 4).  They fight over toys all the time - 2 peas in a pod!
*I had a fun visit to Iowa even though my flight out of Chicago was cancelled so I drove in a too-expensive rental car to Des Moines to get there 7 hours earlier and when I returned home the next day my luggage couldn't keep up and didn't make it home!!! 
*Lily (dog) can't stand the heat anymore...she's outside for 5 minutes and she comes in panting like she's been out there running for an hour.  It's hell to get old!
*I mentioned that Leah was joining a travel soccer team.  We're going to try it next year.  It's through a local program that does not focus on winning as much as teaching skills and teamwork.  Here's some pics from her last game...

*Seems like I have lots of pics from the last month so I'll share more this week!

Have a good one!