Thursday, February 10, 2011

CHA - Los Angeles Style!

Come on Down!!!!  We arrived in California around noon on Wednesday, 26th.  We headed straight to the Price Is Right studios to try and get into the 4:00 taping.  Kimber had registered us online and we were one of the last ones to be admitted into the taping.  Sorry to say that none of us got called up on stage but it sure was fun watching!  Drew Carrey took Bob Barker's place a couple of years ago and he's pretty cool.  It's fun being in the studio and seeing things from the other side!

Some interesting food we ate at a modern Mexican place.  It was good but expensive - as in everything else in LA!
Ahhh, Hollywood! Kimber and I were "stuck" in LA an extra day because of the weather so we made the most of it.  Actually, Kimber knew for awhile that she was going to be stuck, I didn't learn until I went to the airport that my flights were cancelled.  She was very happy at my misfortune. ;) 
The infamous Hollywood sign.  This seems like dejavue for me...Jen and I did the same tour when we were in LA for the "Ellen" show.

Someone famous lives in this house...can't remember who though.

Ah yes, someone famous lives here too...I guess I should have taken notes. ;)

Cupcakes from Crumbs Bakery - see I can remember the name of the bakery!!!  They were delish!

Steven Speilberg's home...I did remember this one!  You can't tell from the pic but he has the most amazing views from this house! 

Chateau Marmont Hotel!  All I know is I read about celebrities partying here in my People mag.

The "Pot House" man's car...he owns a store here on Rodeo Drive.  His house is called the "Pot House" because he loves terracotta pots and has hundreds of them around his house.

The Sunset Strip - Kimber and I should have hung around here!

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