Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fun Bits...

Crazy week again with Mega Meet, but ahhhh, I don't have a class to teach, an expo to attend or any big events until mid-July.  Woo Hoo!!!!! 

How about some fun bits for the last 2 weeks.... Fun Bits for the week of May 1st ...

*Lately Brooke has been reciting "We're not perfect, we're parents"...apparently she heard this on a TV show and keeps saying it.  It makes me laugh because it's oh, so correct!!!
*I spoke with Kami's boyfriend's Mom at preschool.  Deacon said Kami broke it off, not him.  She told him she was sorry that she was going to break his heart.  Oh my, I'm not ready for this kind of stuff!
*Kami told me I had a beard the other day...lovely.
*Brooke and I had a conversation about my boobs the other day.  She thinks that they will come out of her belly when she gets older. 
*Leah had an awesome assist at soccer the other day. 
*Eric and the girls made me a yummy breakfast for Mother's day today...homemade waffles, cinnamon rolls and bacon, yum!  They also let me hang out on the couch for most of the day catching up on my Bravo shows and I got to take a nap!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Mom's out there and anyone that's felt the love of a Mom!

Have a great week!