Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun Bits for the Week...

Fun Bits for the week of  4/18/11...

Yes, I know I haven't posted in a week.  I'm in complete chaos right designs, new website modules, new mid-show release, Easter in the middle of all of that, prep for Mega Meet, prep for upcoming classes, new product for the consumer site - shall I go on? 

Here's some fun bits for the last two weeks...

* While driving to the waterpark last Thursday, we went by downtown Columbus.  Eric asked the girls what city it was and Leah said "New York".  Mom said "I wish".  Brooke chimmed in and said "and there's the ocean".   Laughter from Mom and Dad.
* Impressively Brooke typed our house number on the calculator without prompting.
* Kams is back together with her boyfriend at preschool - thank goodness. ;)
* If you see Brooke, ask her to sing "Peace like a wiver" - you will thoroughly enjoy it.
* Leah is definitely 7 going on 15.  Bossy.  Complaining all the time.  Snaps at Mom.  Gets mad easily.
* Kami is insistent that she's getting so big, so fast.  I keep reminding her - yes, I know.
* Brooke told me I had big boobs when she saw me naked in the bathroom stall at the waterpark.  Little does she know they're 3 times smaller than they used to be!
* We enjoyed our visitors over the Easter weekend!  Ron, Kathy and the girls came down for a waterpark adventure, Easter egg hunt and Easter morning.  I have some pics to share!!!

One sweet bathing beauty.  Looking through these pics - she seems to be smiling more for me.  She was having a ball at the waterpark - I had to keep an eye on her because she was starting to be a little daredevil on the slides.

See that big black funnel in the middle - to my surprise, Leah rode down that slide with her Dad.  It's like a funnel.  She really impressed me - since she's still afraid to put her face in the water. ;)

One tired bubs sitting with Uncle Ron.

Kami had a blast too!  Slide, steps, repeat....slide, steps, repeat.

Alyssa had to sneak in some texting but Aunt Jill caught her! ;)

Brooke wasn't as concerned about the Egg hunt.  She got tired really fast and was ok with only a couple of eggs.  Good thing her sisters and cousins were there to help her find her "34" eggs.  Thanks Aunt Kathy!

The crew before the hunt.  They look happy!

Kami's on a mission!

Camille doesn't look thrilled to have Aunt Jill taking her picture while she's creatively coloring eggs.

Pretty colors.

Peeps for breakfast?  Makes a girl happy.

Purple was our color this year.

The whole gang all dressed up and ready for church! 

Have a great week everyone!


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